As a real estate broker, Vasco Invest is specialized in consulting and researching real estate in Portugal.

Vasco Invest makes itself available to institutional clients, individuals as well as businesses, in order to help them find the most suitable properties on the Portuguese market, with the objective of making the best investment.

A professional and versatile approach

Backed by the expertise of a hand-picked network of specialist professional partners, such as local lawyers, tax advisors and architects, Vasco Invest has a professional, versatile approach that enables it to find answers to all of its customers' questions.

Based in Portugal

The company is therefore ideally placed to identify the most attractive investment opportunities, facilitate administrative formalities and understand the legislation.


Vasco Invest is only selecting the partners and investments that will best serve its customers’ interests and match their expectations and requirements.

Why invest in Portugal?

  • Numerous real estate opportunities
  • An attractive tax regime
  • The ideal climate, just a two-hour flight from the main European capitals
  • Three international airports
  • Its European culture
  • A wide variety of landscapes brimming with charm and a wealth of time-honoured culinary and winemaking traditions
  • A modern healthcare system open to all
  • The cost of living
  • The single currency (the euro)
  • Political stability
  • Excellent golf courses

FAQ Golden Visa Portugal

1. Unlock the Door to Europe: What is Portugal's Golden Visa Program?

Portugal’s Golden Visa is a lucrative immigrant investor scheme that grants residency to individuals who invest a minimum of €500,000 in real estate or create at least 10 jobs in Portugal.

2. Investment Tiers: How Much Does a Golden Visa in Portugal Cost?

The investment threshold for Portugal’s Golden Visa starts at €280,000 for real estate in low-density regions and escalates to €500,000 for properties in high-density areas.

3. The ROI of Portugal's Golden Visa: Is It Worth the Investment?

Absolutely! The Golden Visa program offers unparalleled advantages such as visa-free travel within the Schengen Zone and a streamlined pathway to acquiring Portuguese citizenship.WHY INVEST IN PORTUGAL?

4. Application Status: Is the Golden Visa Program in Portugal Still Open?

Yes, the Golden Visa program is currently operational. However, it’s crucial to stay abreast of any recent modifications or updates to the scheme.

5. Your Step-by-Step Guide: How Can I Apply for a Golden Visa in Portugal?

Applications can be submitted through Portugal’s Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) following the completion of the qualifying investment.Vasco-invest is your partner to assist you during the whole process

6. The Rulebook: What Are the Key Regulations for Portugal's Golden Visa?

The cardinal rule is to sustain your investment for a minimum of five years and reside in Portugal for at least seven days annually.

7. Post-Brexit Opportunities: Is the Golden Visa Available for UK Citizens?

Yes, UK nationals are eligible to participate in the Golden Visa program following Brexit.

8. The Golden Pathway: How Does the Portugal Golden Visa Function?

Invest in qualifying assets like real estate to secure temporary residency, which can eventually be converted into permanent residency and citizenship.

9. Navigating Challenges: What Are Common Issues with the Portugal Golden Visa?

Applicants often face delays in processing and rigorous due diligence checks, so it’s essential to prepare accordingly.Vasco-Invest has all the expertise to assist you with the application

10. Eligibility Checklist: What Are the Requirements for Portugal's Golden Visa?

Key prerequisites include a clean criminal background, valid health insurance, and verifiable proof of investment.

11. Investment Hotspots: Where Can I Invest for a Golden Visa in Portugal?

Investment opportunities are available across Portugal, with lower investment thresholds in certain low-density regions.

12. Visa Longevity: Can I Extend My Portugal Golden Visa?

Initially valid for one year, the Golden Visa can be renewed for additional two-year periods.

13. Program Longevity: When Will the Portugal Golden Visa Program End?

There is no official termination date for the program, but it’s advisable to keep an eye on any changes to the rules and conditions.Contact us to inform you about the latest changes.

14. Success Metrics: How Many Golden Visas Has Portugal Granted?

As of May 2020, Portugal has attracted over €5.2 billion in investments and issued Golden Visas to more than 20,000 individuals, including 8,736 investors and 14,936 family members.

15. Stay Updated: What Are the Latest Changes to the Portugal Golden Visa Program?

The program undergoes periodic revisions that may affect investment options and eligibility criteria. It’s imperative to contact Vasco-Invest for the most recent updates.

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